Customer Engagement + Marketing Automation

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Get superpowers that supercharge your business

Zenreach is the relationship engine that helps you know what your customers do in the real world, so you can keep them rushing back for more.

Zenreach is a game-changer for brick and mortar businesses. You’ll get the tools you need to collect contacts faster and engage customers more effectively. And you’ll also get results you can see for yourself. You’ll then see why we’re the most trusted, most loved marketing solution for offline businesses.


Key Features

Effortless Email Collection
Eliminate the tedious and time consuming task of collecting and inputting emails every night, while creating a seamless experience for guests.


Automated Smart Emails
Let the system send out emails and engage with your clients for you. Smart emails are sent based on visit behavior and specific to your clientele.


Walkthrough Rate/ ROI
We show you exactly how well your marketing is working by calculating your Walk-Through-Rate™ - how many customers respond to your messages by physically walking through your doors.


Message blast
Inform your customers of special events and promotions, while still targeting specific demographics.


Reputation Management

You can tell satisfied customers which popular review sites matter most to you while interacting personally with any unhappy customers before they post bad reviews.

Installing and integrating Zenreach was simple, and setting up email messages was easier than Constant Contact.
— Four Entertainment Group

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