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Fully customizable hiring tools built to increase applicant quality and traffic, and decrease time spent in hiring and turnover.

StaffedUp is web and social based hiring software that helps employers compete for great talent, and pipeline their hiring process by leveraging their brand to drive great applicant traffic, 24/7/365.  We make it incredibly easy for the applicant to apply, and even easier for the employer to evaluate, qualify, network with, and hire.  We're 100% mobile fluid, and a permanent solution for eliminating the costly desperation hire.  Imagine inviting 100 legitimately qualified applicants to interview in just minutes, with no wasted time or energy, as opposed to the daunting task of calling, texting, or emailing candidates individually, or even worse only reaching out to a small handful because you're too busy.  We help employers hire the best of the best with ease, and affordably. 


Key Features


Branded Hiring Platform
Completely customizable to your specific brand to attract talent that is actually engaged in working for your team.


Unlimited job postings
As many job postings as you want, all included in your subscription price.


Applicant management
We make it easy for the employer to evaluate, qualify, network with, and hire.

Interview scheduling
Schedule applicant interviews directly or invite them to open interview blocks right from the website.


Social & Web Integration
Easily integrate your dedicated StaffedUp URL into your website and your social media sites to drive talent directly to your hiring portable and allow them to apply with ease.


Fast, user-friendly interface
We're 100% mobile fluid, and make it extremely easy for the applicant to apply and for the employer to manage all applicants. StaffedUp is intellegently simplistic and functionally minimalistic!

Before StaffedUp, we had no idea how stuck in the past our application process was, and as an owner my hiring is now exponentially more organized and efficient. Staffing my business with great talent has never been easier.
— Cristian Vega - Owner/GM

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